Associated Electrics Building and Employees


Roger Curtis is responsible for the primeval beginnings of Associated (a slot car track in Lynwood, CA, called, believe it or not, "Associated Raceway") way back in 1964. Roger began his working career as an Engineer/Scientist at the Missiles and Space Systems Division of Douglas Aircraft Co. The experience gained from that job together with his experience racing 1:8 gas cars helped him guide the development of products at Associated.

Cliff Lett, vice-president, has been Associated Electrics' Product Development Manager since 1988. If you've owned an Associated product in the past 12 years, Cliff's design team most likely designed it. Cliff's background in motocross racing included nine years as an R&D technician for Team Yamaha before "changing gears" to the R/C industry.

We occasionally let Cliff out of the office to go racing, and here is what happened: He won 7 ROAR National Championships (he's the only person to ever win 4 in one year), he won 3 NORRCA National Championships, he was an IFMAR World Champion in 1991, and has won back-to-back Reedy Race of Champions titles. To top it all off, he holds the Closed-Course "Insane Speed Run" World record at 94.3 MPH. He appears in the Guinness Book of Records 2002 for the world's fastest R/C car with his 111mph RC10L3 Oval car.

When he's not working or racing, he enjoys spending time with his son Noah, his wife Sonya, mountain biking, and fly fishing.

Reedy Power

Rick Hohwart is the Reedy Electric Department Manager. Rick oversees all operations including the planning, coordination, and development of new and innovative products related to electric motors, rechargeable batteries, and other electronics.

Recognized as one of the best and most respected professional R/C car racers in the world, and as the founder and former owner of Peak Racing, Rick brings with him over 25 years of experience and vast knowledge of the inner workings of the R/C industry.

Race Team

Brent Thielke is our Racing Team Manager. He is a well-known off road specialist who has been racing for Team Associated for the past 23 years, with solid A-Main finishes in the truck and buggy classes at the past two Cactus Classis races, and has a NORRCA National Expert Mod title to his credit.

Thielke graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in Management, and is enthusiastic about his position at Associated Electrics. One of his goals is to shift the emphasis and focus on the Team toward more regional events, and to actively seek out and cultivate new regional talent.