More Than Just a Brand... It's a Legacy

Associated Electrics has been around for over 50 years and has roots that go way back to the early days, even before radio-controlled cars and trucks! Buying an Associated Electric product is more than buying a toy car; you’re buying heritage... a heritage steeped in experience and innovation. As you open an Associated Electrics box, keep in mind you aren’t just opening a box of parts or opening history; you are opening OUR story. By opening that box you are now part of that story.

Over the last few decades, it hasn’t been one individual who has made us who we are. It’s taken a team to design, develop, and race championship-winning cars and trucks. Without innovation, without passion, and without YOU, there is no team. Together, WE are a team; together WE ARE AE. So, as we begin the next chapter, join us and together... let’s make history!

Slot Car Era

In 1965, slot cars were the hottest trend, so hobbyists Roger Curtis and Lee Yurada decided to get in on the fun. The two started off by producing slot car parts, accessories, and even cars. They soon opened up a local slot car race track in Lynnwood, California, and Associated Electrics (AE) was born!

Team Associated RC Cars

The peak of the slot car hobby was short-lived and in 1969 Roger Curtis decided to step into a new and booming hobby: radio-controlled cars! Lee Yurada sold his interest in Associated Electrics to Gene Husting and together Roger and Gene formed the Team Associated RC brand of products. Early on, a simplified "Associated" logo was used but was very short-lived. In keeping with the roots of Associated Electrics, Roger and Gene decided the original "slot car" logo with the addition of block-type Team Associated lettering would be better suited. This logo was used throughout the 1970s and into the mid-late 1990s during the golden era of RC.

Reedy Modifieds

Established by Mike Reedy in the early 1970s as a slot car motor manufacturer, the Reedy name, along with the man himself, were brought into the AE family in 1980 to develop motors for the RC market. Mike himself rewound and modified stock motors to be used by our team drivers and quickly helped make a brand synonymous with winning. This brand of motors was known as Reedy Modifieds.

The New Millennium

In the late 1990s, Team Associated, still wanting to keep to our Associated Electrics roots, updated the "slot car" logo to the "ellipse" AE. This was combined with the original Team Associated block style text.

Factory Team

Prior to Cliff Lett joining the Associated family in 1987, he had started his own brand of aftermarket accessories called Team RCPS (RC Performance Specialties). After years of operation, the RCPS line was merged with Associated Electrics, creating the Factory Team brand, a line of products designed with ultimate performance in mind.

Reedy Power

As the RC market grew, nitro racing and brushless motors became more popular. So it was decided to expand the Reedy product line with nitro engines, brushless motors, and batteries. During this transition, the name was simplified to just Reedy. However, to help define the brand, it was soon changed to Reedy Power, covering a wider range of products to power your vehicle.


As online usage and short-course racing became more popular around 2008, a new marketing campaign was needed, something easily remembered and optimized for TV and other outside industry marketing. Out of necessity and limited on space, the RC10.com logo and URL were created.

Race With Us!

As time passed and the hobby progressed, it was time for an updated look. So in 2012, a new Team Associated logo was designed. This new logo gave our Team Associated brand a fresh look and has been used primarily for our race line of vehicles.

The Unexplored

Our road continues with the release of an all-new brand, Element RC. With fun, family, community, and global exploration as our core concepts, your journey begins here!