4x4 FT Aluminum Wheel Hexes, blue

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4x4 FT Aluminum Wheel Hexes, blue

The SC10 4x4 Aluminum Wheel Hexes are secured to the axle with an M3 set screw, so you can remove your wheels without worry of losing  your hex adapters or drive pins.   Not only does the blue aluminum look great, but it also provides for a secure and durable mount to help your wheels run true without worrying about over-tightening the wheel nuts.


  • Blue anodized 6061 Aluminum
  • Set screw secured to axle
  • Hex adapters will not crush or deform over time
  • Includes: 4 hex adapters, 4 cross pins, 4 M3 set screws
  • Fits: SC10 4x4

#91171 contents:
qty 4 Hex Adapters, aluminum
qty 4 Dowel Pins [2x12mm]
qty 4 Set Screws [M3x0.5x3mm]


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