2019 Reedy International TC Race of Champions Spec Tire Selection

The Reedy Race is proud to announce that the Sweep EXP EVO-R2 36 (EXP-36R2PG) has been chosen as the spec tire for the 2019 Reedy International Touring Car Race of Champions. The 36R2 provides high-grip and consistent lap times on Steel City Speedway's ultra-smooth, sugar-watered surface while withstanding the high temperatures and speeds the facility is known for.

Each paid entry includes one set of marked and numbered Sweep EXP EVO-R2 36 tires. Drivers will be allowed to purchase an additional three sets of marked and numbered tires for use as they please for qualifying and triple main events. There is no limit to the number of tires a driver may purchase for practice, but tires used during controlled practice seeding rounds must be marked tires purchased at the event. Tires for non-scored controlled practice rounds or pre-race testing can be purchased at the event or at www.sweepracingusa.com.

After careful consideration, tire sauce selection will once again remain open for all 13.5 Sportsman, 13.5 Expert, and Modified classes. Tire warmers are permitted.

Stay tuned to www.reedyrace.com and the Facebook event page for more information and event updates.