New Parts for the TC6 - Available only from

Monday, Apr 14, 2014 at 12:00am CDT

Available only from

#31643 Delrin© Spool Outdrives
Lightweight machined Delrin© Spool Outdrives are wrapped with a blue aluminum retaining ring to add strength. Outdrives eliminate the need for CVA bone blades for fewer failures and more run time between maintenance.
For: TC6, TC6.1, TC6.1 WC, TC6.2
Delrin© Spool Outdrive, pr
UPC: 784695 316430

#31644 Aluminum Spur Gear Pulleys
CNC machined aluminum Spur Gear Pulleys offer a more true-running surface. Pulley teeth are hard coated to reduce wear, and use blue aluminum belt retaining flanges.
For: TC6, TC6.1, TC6.1 WC, TC6.2
Aluminum Spur Gear Pulley, pr
UPC: 784695 316447

#31645 Hook & Loop Battery Strap Kit
The Hook & Loop Battery Strap Kit includes CNC-machined blue aluminum battery retainers. A hook & strap is used in place of strapping tape, allowing quicker battery changes without the need for replacing the tape.
For: TC6.2 only
Hook & Loop Battery Strap Kit
UPC: 784695 316454