NEW! Reedy All-In-One Balance Charge Leads

Balance charging LiPo batteries is one of the best ways to prolong the life of your LiPo battery and achieve maximum performance. Reedy's All-In-One balance charge leads give users the tools required to balance charge 2S standard and saddle pack batteries as well as more accurately charge 1S batteries.

When the alligator clip is plugged into the balance lead and clipped to the saddle pack jumper wire, the benefits of balance charging can be realized. The clip is available separately to upgrade one's existing charge lead.

Each harness includes a port for the balance connector to be inserted when charging 1S batteries*. This 1S connection provides more accurate voltage readings, which results in a better quality charge.

All three harnesses come with 12-gauge wires, 4mm charger inputs, and an XH balance plug. A length of 55cm provides pit area flexibility and enough slack to charge conveniently inside LiPo safety bags.

*Feature not compatible with all chargers

5mm 1S-2S Balance Charge Lead
UPC: 784695 009967

4mm 1S-2S Balance Charge Lead
UPC: 784695 009974

Saddle Pack Balance Charge Clip
UPC: 784695 009998