New Factory Team Parts for the B44.3

  • #9953 B44.3 battery strap for shorty packs. Now in stock!
  • #9954 Aluminum Center Diff Cap for the B44.3 improves heat dissipation of the center diff, resulting in improved diff oil consistency throughout your run.
  • #9955 12mm blue aluminum front hex conversion comes with longer roll pins (#9956). Use this 12mm hex conversion with Team Associated's new 61mm 4WD front wheels for the B44 series of vehicles.
  • #9956 is a package of six replacement roll pins for the #9955 12mm front hex conversion.

B44.3 FT Graphite Battery Strap, Shorty
UPC: 784695 099531
Available NOW

B44.3 FT Front Aluminum Center Diff Cap
UPC: 784695 099548
Available Dec. 2014

B44 FT 12mm Front Hex
UPC: 784695 099555
Available Dec. 2014

B44 Front Hex Roll Pins, for #9955
UPC: 784695 099562
Available Dec. 2014