Factory Team Premium Silicone Diff Fluid expanded viscosity range now available

The line of Factory Team Silicone Diff Fluids has been expanded and now offers even more viscosities to choose from, helping you dial in the optimum performance for your racing application. Additional weights are 4K, 6K, 15K, 80K, 200K, 500K and 1M, and will serve to complement the already extensive line. 

Factory Team Silicone Fluids are made of the highest quality materials and are laboratory-tested, resulting in a high-performance blend of premium silicone that provides more consistent differential action as well as longevity.

  • New flip-top cap
  • Sticker on lid to quickly find the fluid you are looking for
  • These new fluids allow for finer tuning, providing more options than before
  • Factory Team Silicone Fluids are made in the USA exclusively for Team Associated by Lucas Oil Products, Inc. for consistent viscosity


#5444    Silicone Diff Fluid, 4000cSt
UPC: 784695 054448

#5446    Silicone Diff Fluid, 6000cSt
UPC: 784695 038417   

#5447    Silicone Diff Fluid, 15,000cSt
UPC: 784695 054479   

#5448    Silicone Diff Fluid, 80,000cSt
UPC: 784695 054486   

#5461    Silicone Diff Fluid, 200,000cSt
UPC: 784695 054615   

#5463    Silicone Diff Fluid, 500,000cSt
UPC: 784695 054639   

#5465    Silicone Diff Fluid, 1,000,000cSt
UPC: 784695 054653