NEW! RC8B3 Factory Team Upper Titanium Screw Set

Thursday, Jun 18, 2015 at 12:00am CDT

Switch your RC8B3 to titanium screws for more weight savings! 92 screws included.


Button Head Screws
3mm x 6mm
3mm x 10mm
3mm x 14mm
3mm x 16mm
3mm x 20mm
3mm x 24mm
4mm x 14mm

Flat Head Screws
3mm x 8mm
3mm x 10mm
3mm x 12mm
3mm x 14mm
4mm x 10mm
4mm x 12mm
4mm x 16mm

Socket Head Screws
3mm x 10mm   

This set does not contain every screw used in the vehicle, but only those which we deem appropriate as titanium. Includes location guide for screws.

RC8B3 Upper Titanium Screw Set
UPC: 784695 812741
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