New! Add greater strength to your ProSC 4x4, ProLite, and ProRally with the V2 CVA Upgrade Kit

V2 CVA Upgrade Kit
UPC: 784695 072671
Available Now

#7267 V2 CVA Upgrade Kit gives you all the parts you need to switch to the new CVAs. Also available are spare parts for the #7267 V2 CVA Upgrade Kit -- these parts are not interchangeable with the stock parts.

For the Team Associated ProSC 4x4, ProLite, and ProRally.

V2 CVA Bone, for #7267
UPC: 784695 072640
Available Now

V2 CVA Axle, for #7267
UPC: 784695 072657
Available Now

V2 CVA Coupler, for #7267
UPC: 784695 072664
Available Now