NEW! Factory Team TC Ride Height Gauge

Monday, Jan 23, 2017 at 12:00am CST

Team Associated's new Factory Team TC Ride Height Gauge measures steps from 3.0 to 6.0 in .2 increments, with a half-step between 6.0 to 7.0, allowing you to set your ride height with finer tuning adjustments. Great for 1:10 touring cars and 1:12 pan cars.

Need to set a higher ride height than 7.0? Team Associated's #1450 Factory Team Ride Height Gauge with steps from 3.0 to 10.0 in half-step increments is still available.


  • CNC machined from high-quality aluminum
  • AE blue Anodizing for smooth, long-lasting surface finish
  • Gauge reads from 3.0mm to 7.0mm
  • Steps from 3.0 to 6.0mm in 0.2mm increments
  • Compatible with both sedan and 1:12 scale model vehicles
  • AE's new design allows for finer ride height adjustments while its sleek professional look enhances any driver's toolbox
  • Belongs in every racer's toolbox. It helps you set the ride height, the distance between the ground and the chassis, equally at all four corners -- one important component for a balanced setup

Factory Team TC Ride Height Gauge
UPC: 784695 014527
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