NEW! FT Rear Aluminum Hubs for the B6 and B6D

Thursday, Jun 15, 2017 at 12:00am CDT

The new Factory Team aluminum rear hubs offer the ability to run 67mm CVA bones for increased rear support under lower ride height conditions. Axle height is adjustable by using the existing plastic inserts that come with the stock rear hub.

#91760 Features

  • Machined aluminum
  • Adjustable axle height
  • Factory Team blue anodized with laser etching to denote left and right sides
  • Vertical ball studs for finer roll center adjustment
  • Requires #91763 67mm CVA kit
  • Fits RC10B6 and B6D

B6 FT Blue Aluminum Rear Hubs
UPC: 784695 917606
Available Now

B6 Heavy Duty Rear Axles V2
UPC: 784695 917620
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B6 CVA Kit, 67mm
UPC: 784695 917637
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