New! Reedy Zappers SG Competition HV-LiPo Batteries

Thursday, Jan 4, 2018 at 12:00am UTC

The all-new Reedy Zappers SG HV-LiPo batteries have arrived! Its silicon graphene construction lowers internal resistance, increases voltage output, reduces operating temperatures, and improves cycle-life. Zappers SG batteries are now available in low-profile (LP) stick and shorty versions as well as a 1S version designed for 1:12 and other classes that require the use of a 1S battery!

Zappers SG perfectly describes Reedy's high voltage LiPo battery chemistry! A 7.6 nominal voltage means that with a suitable charger, the battery can be safely charged to 4.35V/cell. It is not a secret that more voltage equals more power so there is no easier way to achieve a performance advantage than pairing silicon graphene construction with a higher charge voltage!

However, even when the typical 8.4V (4.2V/cell) charging limit is enforced, Zappers SG still offers a significant advantage thanks to a flatter discharge curve, which results in more voltage deeper into the race.

A high-quality, durable hard case helps prevent damage while embedded socket connectors keep power-robbing resistance to a minimum. A charge lead and male ESC connectors are included.

LiPo battery technology continues to progress and Reedy is proud to bring improved performance to the masses.


  • Silicon Graphene HV-LiPo chemistry
  • Extended cycle-life
  • Reduced IR
  • Durable hard case
  • Built to ROAR/EFRA/BRCA/IFMAR specifications

#27320 Reedy Zappers SG 8200mAh 110C 7.6V Stick
#27321 Reedy Zappers SG 6000mAh 110C 7.6V LP Stick


Model Number #27320 #27321
Capacity 8200mAh 6000mAh
Voltage 7.6V (2S) 7.6V (2S)
Dimensions (mm) 137.8x46.7x24.8 138.4x46.7x22.3
Max. Charge Rate 16.4A 12.0A
Discharge Current 110C 110C
Weight (g) 330 270
Socket 5mm 5mm

#27322 Reedy Zappers SG 4800mAh 110C 7.6V Shorty
#27323 Reedy Zappers SG 5800mAh 80C 7.6V Shorty
#27324 Reedy Zappers SG 3600mAh 110C 7.6V LP Shorty
#27325 Reedy Zappers SG 4000mAh 80C 7.6V LP Shorty


Model Number #27322 #27323 #27324 #27325
Capacity 4800mAh 5800mAh 3600mAh 4000mAh
Voltage 7.6V (2S) 7.6V (2S) 7.6V (2S) 7.6V (2S)
Dimensions (mm) 95.6x46.7x24.8 95.6x46.7x24.8 92.8x46.5x18.3 92.8x46.5x18.3
Max. Charge Rate 9.6A 11.6A 7.2A 8.0A
Discharge Current 110C 80C 110C 80C
Weight (g) 200 218 150 150
Socket 5mm 5mm 5mm 5mm

#27326 Reedy Zappers SG 8200mAh 110C 3.8V 1:12


Model Number #27326
Capacity 8200mAh
Voltage 3.8V (1S)
Dimensions (mm) 92.8x46.5x18.3
Max. Charge Rate 16.4A
Discharge Current 110C
Weight (g) 150
Socket 4mm