NEW! FT 16mm Tapered Pistons with Angled Holes

Thursday, Nov 29, 2018 at 12:00am CST

The tapered profile and angled holes of these new shock pistons improve handling through bumps and make the car jump flatter and land better. The angled holes allow you to run lower oil weights to generate more grip.


  • Tapered profile with angled holes improves jumping characteristics and handling through bumps
  • Precision CNC-machined pistons allow for the best fitment and concentricity with the shock body to improve performance and consistency.
  • Hole diameter engraved onto piston for easy identification. Two diameters to choose from: 1.2mm and 1.3mm.
  • Fits 16mm shock bodies on RC8B3.1, RC8B3.1e, RC8T3.1, and RC8T3.1e

FT 16mm Pistons, 8x1.2mm, tapered, angled
UPC: 784695 812109
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FT 16mm Pistons, 8x1.3mm, tapered, angled
UPC: 784695 812116
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