New! Reedy Radon 2 Brushed 5-Slot Crawler Motors

Wednesday, Mar 13, 2019 at 12:00am UTC

Reedy's all-new Radon 2 5-slot Brushed Crawler motor is now available!

The Radon 2 Crawler motor's 5-slot design delivers a smooth powerband for precision control while traversing steep, uneven, or rocky terrain. Dual ball-bearings improve performance and reliability while adjustable timing allows for adjustments to compensate for different drivetrain configurations that require reverse motor rotation. These features together result in a powerful, reliable, economical, and versatile choice for those who prefer brushed motor power.

The Radon 2 Crawler motor is available in 12T, 16T, and 20T versions to suit a variety of applications and speed requirements.

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  • Dual ball bearings
  • Adjustable timing
  • Ultra-smooth 5-slot armature
  • Completely rebuildable


Cells 2S-3S LiPo/6-9cell NiMH
Diameter (mm) 36
Length (mm) 53
Shaft Diameter (mm) 3.175
Weight (g) 169

Reedy Radon 2 Crawler 16T 5-Slot 1850kV Brushed Motor
UPC: 784695 274242
Available Now

Reedy Radon 2 Crawler 12T 5-Slot 2700kV Brushed Motor
UPC: 784695 274310
Available May 2019

Reedy Radon 2 Crawler 20T 5-Slot 1500kV Brushed Motor
UPC: 784695 274327
Available May 2019

Reedy Radon 2 Brush and Spring Set
UPC: 784695 274334
Available May 2019

Reedy Radon 2 Wire Set
UPC: 784695 274341
Available May 2019