NEW! Drivetrain Parts for RC10B74.1 and RC10B74.1D

Monday, Nov 2, 2020 at 12:00am CST

(Pictured: #92282 RC10B74.1 3-Pad Slipper Conversion.)

Three new option parts are available now for the RC10B74.1 and RC10B74.1D buggy. Replace steel CVA cups with light-weight aluminum or tune the slipper clutch power delivery with the 3 Pad Conversion.

#92264 RC10B74.1 Factory Team CVA Cup, Center, aluminum
Replace the center CVA cups with 7075 aluminum over the kit steel version to shed rotating weight for faster acceleration. Savings of 4.7 grams rotating weight total (2.0 grams vs. 6.7 grams total per car).

RC10B74.1 FT CVA Cup, Center, aluminum
UPC: 784695922648
Available Nov. 2020

#92281 RC10B74.1 3-Pad Slipper Hubs, front
These are replacement front slipper hubs for the #92282 RC10B74.1 3-Pad Slipper Conversion, below.

RC10B74.1 3-Pad Slipper Hubs, front
UPC: 784695922815
Available Nov. 2020

#92282 RC10B74.1 3-Pad Slipper Conversion
The 3-Pad Slipper Conversion is a complete parts set to change a RC10B74.1 slipper from the kit 2-pad slipper to a 3-pad slipper clutch. The kit design is a 11mm I.D. pad with a heavy 500lb/in spring, ideal for high-load carpet. The 3-pad conversion is a standard 19mm I.D. pad with a softer spring, which delivers a smoother throttle feel with slower engagement for racers wanting a softer clutch feel. Instructions included. Uses the #92275 RC10B74.1 Slipper Shaft Outdrive Set (not included) from the RC10B74.1 kit.

RC10B74.1 3-Pad Slipper Conversion
UPC: 784695922822
Available Nov. 2020