New! Factory Team Carbon Fiber Parts for RC10B74.1 and RC10B74.1D

Thursday, Oct 29, 2020 at 12:00am CDT

(Pictured: #92283 RC10B74.1 FT Flex Chassis Brace Support Set, 2.0mm, carbon fiber.)

Four new Factory Team option parts are available now for the RC10B74.1 and RC10B74.1D buggy. Dial in the chassis flex and suspension for any track condition!

#92256 RC10B74.1 FT Rear Shock Tower, 31mm V2, carbon fiber
This 31mm V2 tower is made to adapt the larger volume 31mm rear shock bodies (#91482, #91578) to your RC10B74.1 or RC10B74.1D for conditions where you need improved jump "flat landing." The V2 tower is designed to work with the same setup / stroke and 27.5mm shock shaft as the kit, with no up-travel limiters required.

Fits 90026, 90027, 90028

UPC: 784695922563
Available now

#92259 RC10B74.1 FT ESC Tray, V2 Chassis, carbon fiber
Upgrade the RC10B74.1 molded ESC tray to carbon fiber, shedding 2 grams of weight (6g vs. 8g) and lowering the ESC at only 1.5mm thick. Compatible with RC10B74.1 or RC10B74.1D.

Fits 90027, 90028

UPC: 784695922594
Available November 2020

#92283 RC10B74.1 FT Flex Chassis Brace Support Set, 2.0mm, carbon fiber
The "Flex" chassis brace design is narrowed along the center line to 5mm for additional torsional flex. The additional flex is an advantage on bumpy dirt tracks or uneven, multi-surface outdoor turf tracks. This is the most flexible chassis option for the RC10B74.1 series.

Fits 90027, 90028

UPC: 784695922839
Available now

#92284 RC10B74.1 Chassis Brace Support Set, 2.0mm, carbon fiber
The carbon fiber chassis brace supports in 2.0mm are a more rigid option than the kit G10 chassis brace support, used for high traction or when racers want to tune out traction.

Fits 90027, 90028

UPC: 784695922846
Available now