NEW! Factory Team Center Dogbone Sets and Gear Mesh Inserts

Tuesday, Feb 16, 2021 at 12:00am CST

(Pictured: #81466 RC8B3 FT Center Dogbone Set, front.)

Factory Team Center Dogbone Sets

Upgrade the center drive line with new dogbone sets for the RC8B3 series buggies (front and rear) and RC8T3 series (front only)! Dogbones will increase the efficiency and life of your center drive line over universals because of the simplified drive system with only one drive pin instead of two (universal joint).

Note during installation that the shorter length 3x12mm pin goes into the center diff while the larger 3x14mm pin goes into the front or rear outdrive.

Each set contains one dogbone, one outdrive, and one M5x4mm set screw.

Fits: RC8B3, RC8B3e, RC8B3.1, RC8B3.1e, RC8B3.2, and RC8B3.2e.

#81466 front set will also fit the RC8T3, RC8T3e, RC8T3.1, RC8T3.1e, RC8T3.2, and RC8T3.2e. #81467 rear set will not fit due to chassis length.

RC8B3 FT Center Dogbone Set, front
UPC: 784695814660
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RC8B3 FT Center Dogbone Set, rear
UPC: 784695814677
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Factory Team Gear Mesh Inserts

Factory Team Gear Mesh Inserts are used for quickly setting the gear mesh on the RC8B3 or RC8T3 nitro platforms. Especially useful on the stock 2-piece motor mount, they can also be used on the FT 3-piece mount to set gear mesh with proper teeth alignment. The inserts are compatible with 13T and 14T clutch bells without any changes to the insert orientation.

Installation is as easy as replacing the stock motor mount washers with these new pieces. It is recommended to start with a new spur gear and new clutch bell to ensure even wear of the gear teeth.

Made specifically for OS based engines, these inserts also work will with other .21 sized engines.

Compatible with: RC8B3, RC8B3.1, RC8B3.2, RC8T3, RC8T3.1, RC8T3.2

RC8B3 FT Gear Mesh Inserts
UPC: 784695814653
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