New! RC8B3.2, RC8T3.2 LRC Arm Mounts

Friday, Apr 30, 2021 at 12:00am CDT

(Pictured: #81486 RC8B3.2 FT Arm Mount C, LRC.)

Tune your buggy or track to have increased rear grip and reduced turn-in with new low roll center (LRC) rear arm mounts! By lowering the pill insert position by 1mm on both the C and D mounts, turn-in is reduced and rear traction is increased when exiting corners.


  • CNC-machined billet aluminum, blue-anodized finish
  • Helps improve rear traction on low-grip surfaces
  • Laser etched to distinguish from the kit parts
  • Fits: RC8B3.2, RC8B3.2e, RC8T3.2, and RC8T3.2e

RC8B3.2 FT LRC Arm Mount C, narrow
UPC: 784695814868
Available now

RC8B3.2 FT LRC Arm Mount D, narrow
UPC: 784695814875
Available now