NEW! Reedy Wires and Adapters

Tuesday, Jun 15, 2021 at 12:00am CDT

(Pictured: #27238 Reedy 1S TX Charge Lead Adapter.)

Blackbox 510R 1S ESC/Programmer2 Connection Wire
This unique wire, required for programming your 510R 1S version ESC, is now available separately.

UPC: 784695270404
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Reedy 1S TX Charge Lead Adapter
When using the 1S TX Charge Lead Adapter in conjunction with Reedy's Pro 2S TX/RX charge lead, you can charge a 1S TX battery using Reedy's 1416-C2L charger in 1S balance mode.

UPC: 784695272385
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Reedy 2Sx2 Battery Couplers, 5mm
This coupler creates a clean connection between two 2S batteries to create a high-capacity 4S battery for applications that need extended run times. Qty 2 included. Designed for use with two Reedy Zappers #27358 SG4 9600mAh or two #27359 8200mAh batteries.

UPC: 784695273726
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Silicone Wire 10AWG, black, 1m
Competition applications like drag racing can benefit from a reduction in resistance that larger wire can provide. This high-quality flexible silicone wire features pre-tinned copper strands for corrosion resistance and easy soldering.

UPC: 784695007963
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