New TC6 Gear Diff and Spool

RC10TC6 Gear Diff

  • Lightweight design: 21.3g with fluid.
  • Internal gear set optimized to retain the best qualities in strength, mass, and fluid shear rate.
  • High strength (and temperature) polymer construction keeps the mass and friction down and the durability up.
  • Typical fluid range from 200cSt-800cSt (20wt-60wt) gives a large tuning window with adequate resolution to ensure maximum performance in any racing condition.
  • Hard-anodized aluminum outdrives with dual O-ring seals for minimal mass and maximum sealing surface.
  • Case and cover seal with a rubber gasket for easy rebuilding and an oil-tight seal every time.

RC10TC6 Spool

  • Lightweight aluminum hub.
  • Replaceable outdrive cups.
  • Constructed from a high-strength polymer with an optimized profile to minimize mass and maximize strength.
  • Retains the use of #31238 CVA bone blade to minimize pressure as loads are transferred; this eliminates binding and ensures smooth suspension movement.
  • Cups are replaceable at low cost in the event of damage or wear.

RC10TC6 Spool
UPC: 784695 313392
Available Nov. 2011

RC10TC6 Gear Diff
UPC: 784695 313446
Available Nov. 2011

TC6 Gear Diff Rebuild
UPC: 784695 313453
Available Nov. 2011

TC6 Gear Diff Outdrives
UPC: 784695 313460
Available Nov. 2011

TC6 Gear Diff Case and Pulley
UPC: 784695 313477
Available Nov. 2011

TC6 Gear Diff Pins and Shims
UPC: 784695 313484
Available Nov. 2011

TC6 Gear Diff Seals
UPC: 784695 313491
Available Nov. 2011