NEW! Reedy 6500mAh 65C 7.4V LiPo

Fancy descriptions and buzz words are not required when describing Reedy's 6500mAh 65C competition 7.4V LiPo battery. The specifications speak for themselves. Your Turbo35 is not lying.

  • High capacity for maximum duration65C discharge rating for maximum power output
  • Durable hard case
  • Industry-standard 4mm socket connectors
  • Designed for 1:10 on-road and off-road vehicles
  • Competition proven
  • R.O.A.R./E.F.R.A./I.F.M.A.R. approved


Capacity 6500mAh
Voltage 7.4V (2S
Dimensions (mm) 139 x 47 x 24.8
Max. Charge Curren 13.0 (2C)
Discharge 65C cont., 120C burst
Weight (g) 309

Reedy LiPo 6500mAh 7.4V 65C
UPC: 784695 006010