NEW! Reedy WolfPack Shorty and Saddle 7.4V LiPo Batteries!

Tuesday, Sep 4, 2012 at 12:00am CDT

Reedy's WolfPack LiPo batteries meet the performance demands of both the casual enthusiast and the club racer. Generous discharge capabilities increase overall power and top speed while high capacities extend run times far beyond what is capable with lower-quality LiPo batteries.

Each battery features Reedy's molded hard case for maximum crash protection in sizes that fit the most popular car configurations. High quality cell manufacturing and construction techniques result in reliable operation and maximum cycle-life.

Reedy is proud to introduce two new batteries to the WolfPack range. A 3800mAh shorty battery is perfect for racers that want the ability to alter their vehicle's weight distribution thanks to a shorter overall battery length, while a 4800mAh saddle pack battery is perfect for 4WD buggies as well as vehicles that accept side-by-side saddle packs as a tuning option. Both batteries are equipped with low-resistance, competition-style, 4mm sockets.

Install the WolfPack today and let your car howwwwl!

  • High capacity for extended run times
  • Generous discharge rating increases power and speed
  • Durable hard case for increased crash protection
  • Low-resistance 4mm sockets
  • Value priced
  • ROAR approved

Now in Stock! 

Specifications #737 #738
Capacity 4800mAh 3800mAh
Voltage 7.4V 7.4V
Dimensions (mm) 67 x 47 x 25 (x2) 94 x 47 x 24.5
Max Charge 9.6A (2C) 7.6A (2C)
Max Cont. Discharge 120A (25C) 95A (25C)
Burst Discharge 240A (50C) 190A (50C)
Weight (g) 277 207

WolfPack 4800mAh Saddle 7.4V 25C
UPC: 784695 007376

WolfPack 3800mAh Shorty 7.4V 25C
UPC: 784695 007383