New RC8 and SC8 Parts!

#89496 Universal Differential Outdrives
To simplify and streamline the kit-building process, Team Associated's new universal differential outdrive is designed to replace previous outdrives for the RC8 and SC8 line of vehicles.

For RC8, RC8.2, RC8.2e, RC8T, SC8, and SC8.2e kits and RTRs.

Universal Differential Outdrive, 16mm
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UPC: 784695 894969

#89568 Optional Gear Set
This new ring and pinion gear set provides an optional gear ratio that smooths out power delivery of both 1:8 gas and electric vehicles. Each vehicle type requires two sets. The new final drive ratio introduced by the Optional Gear Set requires a change in your gearing. Please see this link for a helpful conversion chart.

For RC8, RC8.2, RC8.2e, SC8, and SC8.2e kits and RTRs.

Optional Gear Set (2 sets required)
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UPC: 784695 895683