Team Associated takes 9 out of 10 places

Thursday, Jan 8, 1998 at 12:00am UTC

Jimmy Jacobson TQ'd the race, and started from the pole, while Travis Amezcua had problems in qualifying and had to start in the E Main. No problem - Travis won the E Main, finished 2nd in the D Main, won the C Main, and then took a 2nd place in the B Main, to move all the way up to the A Main. For someone who is used to running 4-minute races, and then having to run in all these events, and then race in the 45-minute A Main, is like one driver having to race an Enduro by himself.

Mark Pavidis worked his way up to first place and then held the lead all the way to the checkered flag with his RC10GT gas truck. Mark, and the rest of hte Team's drivers, used OS MAX .12 engines, with either O'Donnell or Blue Thunder fuel, and Pro-Line tires.