Team Associated Dominates the Reedy International Race of Champions

Mark Pavidis came "Ready to Race" at M-N-M Raceway. And race he did. His Reedy, LRP, Pro-Line equipped RC10B3 looked like it was on rails around the track. He couldn't have been better. Through six rounds of competition, against the best racers in the world, Mark showed everyone how to do it.

The format is such that every racer was in 6 heat races. But there were different competitors in every race on a revolving schedule. And the starting position changed each heat, from the front row to the back row, then to the middle row, then through the same format again.

What the spectators got to see was 6 rounds of racing with 4 heats in each round. This was twenty-four races, or main events, of the best drivers in the world. You couldn't ask for more excitement than this. It was standing room only around the track all day long, with a lot of cheering going on for everyone's favorite driver.

It was easy to see that Mark had the fastest car on the track, but also that he was the best driver, as round after round he successfully was able to work his way to the front, even after starting from last place. Nobody else was close to his points total, giving Mark a solid head start in the 2WD points race after the first day. The crowd was very enthusiastic with their applause after every one of Mark's wins.

Then, on Sunday, Mark did virtually the same thing with his Reedy, LRP, Pro-Line equipped Yokomo 4WD car. He ran away with the 4WD event also. This gave him the overall title of Champion of the Reedy International Race of Champions!

There was also an Open Class for 2WD and 4WD cars. Our congratulations to Frosty St. Clair TQ, and Lloyd Dassonville for finishing 1st and 2nd in the very exciting 2WD Class with their Reedy, LRP-equipped RC10B3 cars. Well done, guys. The crowd loved your race!

Austin Dvorak drove a picture-perfect, error-free race to win the tough 4WD A Main, with Frosty St. Clair TQing and finishing 2nd, and Chad Bradley taking 3rd. All three drivers used Reedy Power and LRP speed controls in their Yokomo 4WD cars.