The Team Dominates the 2013 Northwest Championship Tour!

The dust has settled in the Pacific Northwest outdoor racing season. It's been a long summer with sic races scheduled around the Northwest from April to September. Drivers from the U.S. (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana) and Canada participated in the Series. The NCT is in its tenth year of hosting races in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, averaging 200 entries per race.

Factory Associated Drivers Nick Buechler and Mike Hudson had a great year driving their Team Associated cars to Championships in 2 classes each.

1/8 Electric Buggy: 1st Nick Buechler
1/10 4WD Buggy: 1st Nick Buechler, 2nd Mike Hudson, 3rd Jesse Munn 6th Justin Wilde
1/10 2WD Buggy: 1st Mike Hudson, 2nd David Gullickson ,3rd Jesse Munn, 4th Jason Hunt, 6th Justin Wilde
1/10 Stadium Truck: 1st Mike Hudson, 2nd David Gullickson
1/8th Pro Buggy: 3rd Nick Buechler ,6th Jason Hunt, 10th Jesse Munn
2WD Mod SC: 2nd Justin Wilde

Thanks to Mike Hudson for this report.