'Double D' takes SC Stock at the Final Showdown!

I, Dave Duncan, got my short course truck and short course buggy ready for the final Showdown race at Hobby Plex in Omaha, NE. All the Showdown races were full Friday practice, three rounds of qualifying Saturday, one final round for qualifying on Sunday morning, then all the mains.

My cars were getting better throughout Friday and I felt good starting Saturday with fast cars. All the qualifiers were heads-up starts. Because of my clean run in SC Buggy, I got a better standing place. The fourth round came and went with no one going faster. So I started the A Mains in fifth place in SC Buggy and TQ in SC Stock.

The mains went good for me. In SC Buggy I had a good start with the TQ holder checking out as the rest of the field battled. We had a great last half battle for second, but Will took it at the line; I finished third.

In SC Stock, I started on the pole and after seven long minutes I never lost the lead -- and took the win!

Thanks to Dave 'Double D' Duncan for this report.