Maifield Wins Final Arizona State Championship at Hobbytown/SRS!

Wednesday, Dec 4, 2013 at 12:00am CST

In what was the final Arizona State Championship at the Scottsdale location of Hobbytown/SRS, Team Associated/Reedy driver Ryan Maifield once again stamped his legacy on the event by claiming the top two titles in the state.  With 28 years of heritage, the "States" have always been a staple of racing in Arizona and Ryan has been a part of the event since he was six years old, some 21 years ago.

With a unique one-day event for each electric and gas, Maifield took the TQ and win of 2WD Modified Buggy on Saturday using his Reedy Sonic Mach2-powered B4.2 Factory Team and Centro conversion.  Facing ever-changing track conditions, Maifield adapted his setup and driving to win A1 and A2 convincingly ahead of Billy Fischer and Associated/Reedy teammate Tommy Hinz.

On Sunday the gas engines were fired up and Maifield again dominated the competition this time in 1:8 Gas Buggy with his RC8.2 Factory Team.  Winning the main event by an astonishing four laps over 30 minutes, it’s clear that no one was on Maifield’s level.

Also taking wins for Team Associated was Jeff “Humpty” Helms in the always-competitive 17.5 Stock Buggy class using his B4.2 Factory Team with Centro conversion.

Congratulations to Ryan and Jeff on giving a fond fairwell to the popular Scottsdale track, and look for them again at the new Hobbytown location in March for the Cactus Classic.