Rob Gillespie JR. Wins the 2013 VRC 1:10 SC Truck World Championship!

Team Associated and Reedy driver Rob Gillespie Jr. from Salt Lake City, Utah has just been crowned the 2013 VRC 1:10 SC Truck World Champion.

“The concept of VRC is pretty cool because it allows you to race with people on the other side of the world at any time of day or night.” – Rob Gillespie Jr.

Here is a quick recap of the Pro Class main event:

Team Associated factory driver driver Rob Gillespie came out on top after 6 minutes of hard racing in the Pro A-Main final at Silver Dollar Raceway in California. This was one of the closest contested Finals in 5 years with racers in contention until the very last lap. In the beginning, young French racer Nicolas Loriot managed to create some air between him and the hard-pressing David Joor (US), Barnebas Toth (Hungary) and Martin Wollanka (Austria). Wollanka dropped back with a few early mistakes and was able to catch back up. All three front runners lead one or more laps; Loriot seemed to be the fastest but also made the most mistakes, dropping him back in the pack a few times. With 15 seconds to go, Wollanka ended his chances by rolling his car in the infield. With 8 seconds to go Gillespie, Loriot and Toth turned onto the back straight and crossed the finish line before the 6 minutes were over to go into the final, all-deciding last lap. Loriot made an all-out attempt to get there first but hit the inside pipe, allowing Wollanka to make a last-minute pass for third. Gillespie and Toth where then the only two racers to go into the extra lap, but made a slight mistake in the triples, ending his attempt at being crowned the VRC World Champion and so taking all the heat off Gillespie, who could then cruise to victory.

An exciting final to an exciting ten days of short-course truck racing. The newly released IFMAR Worlds version of the Silver Dollar track was an interesting choice for this Worlds and presented quite a challenge for the 610 racers to master, to find the right setup and a good rhythm.

Watch the full HD replay of the VRC Worlds A-Main Pro final, with commentary by Mike Garrison of Live RC:

A-Main PRO

1 Rob Gillespie US 12 06:31.251
2 Barnabás Tóth HU 12 06:34.682
3 Martin Wollanka AT 11 06:01.280
4 Nicolas Loriot FR 11 06:01.348
5 David Joor US 11 06:03.117
6 Marcin Malinski PL 11 06:03.688
7 Edouard Hugon FR 11 06:06.280
8 Eben Coetzee ZA 11 06:07.186
9 Richard Malmlöf SE 11 06:08.543
10 Kirby Backemeyer US 11 06:24.100

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