Associated Takes Outback Shootout

Wednesday, Mar 5, 2014 at 12:00am CST

During the weekend of February 28 to March 2, A Main Hobbies hosted their 5th annual Outback Shootout at their indoor facility, Outback Raceway, in Chico, California. With 281 entries, the event provided multiple challenges in every heat as the best racers from around Northern California gave it their all. Team Associated's Eric Albano and Brian Strange were in attendance, and competed in 2WD and 4WD Open Buggy.

Qualifying consisted of four rounds, taking points from the best two rounds out of the four. In 4WD Buggy, Albano locked up the TQ spot for the main, taking three out of the four rounds, with Strange grabbing the second spot on the grid.

In 2WD Buggy, going into round 4, there were three separate TQs, with Strange and Albano having two of the three. In round 4, Albano took the win with his RC10B5M, with Strange again landing in second.

Mains on Sunday were single, 8-minute A's, taking eight, and two to bump. For the 4WD main, Albano stayed in front until a mechanical error caused him to end early. Then Strange took the lead, battling with Nathan Bernal until a bobble caused Strange to finish second. Privateer Nathan Bernal won with his B44.2.

In the 2WD Buggy main, Albano and Strange faced off for the first two minutes, until Strange had an incident with a back marker. Albano built a steady lead and took the win, and Strange worked his way to fourth.

Thanks to A Main Hobbies for hosting another great event with a great layout that provided a lot of exciting racing in all classes.