AE is Hot at the 2014 Cabin Fever RC Supercross

The off-road racing season for many in the northwest often begins with the Cabin Fever RC Supercross in Lewiston, ID. 2014 was no different for the event held Feb. 28 to March 2, where over 175 entries battled below-freezing temperatures on the indoor arena track to crown the next champions.

Qualifying began Saturday morning with temperatures in the arena dipping below 30 degrees. Team Associated quickly warmed things up by taking TQ honors in four classes. Team driver Nick Buechler set the tone early by wrapping up the 4WD Modified Buggy TQ after just the first two rounds with his B44.2. Not to be outdone, teammates Dave Gullickson and Justin Wilde did the same in Modified Truck and 2WD Modified SC, respectively. After Team Associated driver Mike Hudson drove to a second round TQ in 2WD buggy, it became a showdown between Nick and Mike in round 3 for the overall honors. After multiple lead changes, Nick ended up as the eventual 2WD Modified TQ.

Sunday’s mains proved to be more of the same from Team Associated. After a third qualifier tire choice went wrong, overnight repairs had Dave Gullickson and his T4.2 back out in front of the Modified Truck class, taking the TQ spot to victory in both A1 and A2 to wrap up the overall title. Mike finished in the second position for an AE 1-2 finish.

Justin Wilde continued the AE domination in the truck classes, this time the Modified SC Truck class -- he led both A1 and A2 from start to finish, making it a clean five-heat sweep for the SC10.2 in the SC class.

The story of the weekend, however, was Nick Buechler and his impressive driving in 2WD Modified Buggy, 4WD Modified Buggy, and the 1:8 E-buggy classes. Nick took his TQ spots in 2WD and 4WD Buggy, and after some good battles and lead changes, drove them straight to A1 and A2 victories and the overall titles. Mike Hudson joined Nick on the podium in the buggy classes, finishing right behind his AE teammate in both. AE drivers Dave and Jason Hunt  finished fifth and fourth in 2WD Buggy, respectively; Justin finished fourth in 4WD Buggy, just missing an all-AE podium in the wheeler class.

In 1:8 E Buggy, Nick started his RC8.2E third on the grid after snagging one TQ round on Saturday. He worked his way to the front of what was one of the most competitive classes of the weekend and finished both A1 and A2 as a winner, with teammate Chris Nealeigh finishing sixth, giving AE its fourth title of the weekend and a great start to the 2014 off-road racing season.

AE Driver Finishes

2WD Truck
Dave Gullickson 1st, Mike Hudson 2nd

2WD Buggy
Nick Buechler 1st,  Mike Hudson 2nd, Jason Hunt 4th, Dave Gullickson 5th

4WD Buggy
Nick Buechler 1st, Mike Hudson 2nd, Justin Wilde 4th

Justin Wilde 1st

1:8 E Buggy
Nick Buechler 1st, Chris Nealeigh 6th