B5M Victory in Denmark

Thursday, May 29, 2014 at 12:00am CDT

Young Scandinavian Team Associated team driver Jesper Rasmussen took TQ and the victory in the Danish DRCMU Round 1 championship held in Viborg, Denmark.

The conditions were difficult as the track was bumpy and very damp in the morning. However, during qualifying the track dried up and got faster. The B5M in the hands of Jesper was unbeatable in all three qualifying rounds, so Jesper secured the TQ for the A Mains.

In the break between qualifying and mains it started to rain and the track turned from high grip to low grip. We had time to change only tires due to the time schedule, but the car handled well in these conditions too and Jesper won the first two rounds of the A Mains.

In 4WD Jesper also TQ'd with a solid margin with his B44.2, but in the wet conditions and some close mains Jesper ended up in second place.

Thanks to Jesper and Ulrich Rasmussen for this race report.