4 Team Associated TQs and Wins at the Canadian International RC Championships

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada was the site of the 2014 running of the Canadian International RC Championships. This race has a "big" race feel while being a fun race at the same time. It was held at the Sutton Aviation Raceway run by Billy Sutton and the SAR team. It is set alongside the runway of a small airport for single-engine-prop aircraft. The track is covered by a large circus tent so weather, regardless of hot or cold, will never slow down the racing action. The racers pit inside Billy Sutton's maintenance hangar. Each day you're able to wrench on your cars and watch aircraft take off and land. It's a great location and setup for a race.
The race separates 2WD and 4WD vehicles, with the 2WD variety qualifying first on Friday night and into the early part of Saturday. Saturday afternoon and evening saw the 4WD vehicles get on the track for qualifying. In 2WD Buggy qualifying, Team Associated's three drivers, Canadian Damian Lamy, Michael Schoettler, and Alex Miller (Lamy and Miller with their B5M's and Schoettler with his B5) were gunning for the top spot. After four rounds, Lamy got the TQ spot. Stadium Truck had Schoettler and Lamy battling again with their RC10T4's but this time Michael Schoettler reigned supreme, taking the TQ spot. The 2WD SC class saw the SC10.2 of John Walentia take all four rounds of qualifying on his way to the TQ spot. Saturday night, the 4WD Buggies ran and it was again the Damian Lamy show. He took the TQ position with his Associated B44.2.
The mains started mid-day on Sunday. An interesting variation of the typical triple A-Main format is the Canadian triple A's. The first and third A mains are run in qualifying order. The second main is run in reverse qualifying order. In 2WD, Damian Lamy was able to hold on for the win after being pushed by Alex Miller and Michael Schoettler. Lamy took wins in the second and third main to get the title. The final order was Lamy with the win, Miller second, and Schoettler third.
In the Stadium Truck class it was all Schoettler, all the time. Michael took wins in the first two mains to take the top spot of the podium. Damian took the win in the third main for the second spot overall.
The SC class had close racing action between John Walentia and Toddie Anderson. Walentia was able to win the first and third main from pole to take the overall title with his SC10.2.
The 4WD Buggy class had some of the wildest racing action of the weekend. There were battles from front to back in all three mains. Damian Lamy and Alex Miller battled all three mains with their B44.2's, with Damian Lamy coming out on top in the second and third mains again. Alex Miller captured the first A Main to take the third podium spot.
The CIRCC race is a must-attend. The facility is among the best in North America and the SAR team will not disappoint you. They have a great bunch of racers that are welcoming and fun to be with. Thanks again to Billy Sutton and the entire SAR team for a great race. We look forward to attending next year!

Thanks to John Walentia for this report.