Seattle Summer Sizzler

The Fantasy World Summer Sizzler is the Northwest's biggest annual asphalt race. A large field of some of the best talent from Washington, Oregon, and Canada made the trip to Tacoma for this year's event. The weather in the Seattle area had been beautiful for the last couple of months but the report was for on-and-off rain for qualifying on Saturday.

In the early rounds of Modified it was Team Associate's Kevin Hebert and X-ray wheel Travis Screven showing the best pace. The on-and-off rainy conditions provided an extra challenge for the racers, as the soda-sprayed surface lost some grip every time it sprinkled. We only got two of the three scheduled rounds in and Keven's Reedy/LRP-powered TC5R held the overnight TQ.

A impressive stat that Keven and I noticed was how many drivers were piloting TC5 cars. By far the most popular car at the event!

Sunday we woke to much better conditions and were excited for a full day of racing. In the last-chance qualifier it was once again Canadian Hebert who would lay down the quick run and keep his P1 for the triple mains with Schreven a couple tics behind.

Keven made short work of the competition, crossing the finish line first in the first two mains. Travis was very fast in the mains, finishing second with X-ray driver Darren Shank rounding out the podium.

A big thanks goes out the the Fantasy World crew for their hard work all weekend. They made this Sizzler one of the best ever!

Modified Top 6

1. Keven Hebert TC5
2. Travis Schreven
3. Darren Shank
4. Kody Knudson
5. Jon Sterling
6. Sean Maybell TC5