Niclas Mansson Takes 2WD at VBC Cup Rd. 3

Tuesday, Mar 3, 2015 at 12:00am CST

February 28 - March 1 was VBC Cup Round 3 in Klippan RC. The track is a medium-size carpet track with two wooden sections and quite a lot of jumps. The track was flowing, but almost impossible to pass on. The race was a two-day event with 2WD Saturday and 4WD on Sunday. 56 entries filled out the race. Niclas Månsson attended for 2WD and 4WD.

Saturday 2WD
The Saturday morning started rough and I seeded six for the qualification. The car felt great.

Qualifying was a bit rough, but Niclas' car was feeling great and had good speed, but he had some problems with lapped cars. He took the TQ in the last round and it was the fastest TQ run of the day, so Niclas had a lot of confidence for the finals. He qualified second.

The finals was a two-man race from start to finish and Niclas was able to win A1 and A2. There were four B5M buggies in the top ten. His car and electronics were on point all day.

2WD Podium
1st Niclas Månsson (Team Associated B5M. Reedy ESC, motor, batteries.)
2nd Otto Ausfelt
3rd Erik Månsson (Team Associated B5M)

Sunday 4WD
The day started really good and Niclas Månsson was fastest on the seeding practice and another two B44.3 made the seed. The car and electronics were working great.

Qualifying didn't start as well as he'd like, but he managed to TQ the last two runs and ended up with the fastest TQ run, and got the TQ for the finals.

The finals were super tight from start to finish but he made one small mistake in A1 and A2 and let Otto Ausfelt pass and win, leaving Niclas with second.

One of the Swedish young guns Wilhelm Skjöldebrand, 12 years old, had a great weekend and he finish third.

We had three B44.3s with Reedy electronics in the top ten.

4WD Podium
1st Otto Ausfelt
2nd Niclas Månsson (Team Assciated B44.3. Reedy ESC, motor, batteries.)
3rd Wilhelm Skjöldebrand (Team Associated B44.3. Reedy ESC, motor, batteries.)

My Cars
2WD - B5M
Reedy Blackbox
Reedy Sonic Mach2 7.0
Reedy Shorty 4100

4WD - B44.3
Reedy Blackbox
Reedy Sonic Mach2 6.0
Reedy Shorty 4100

Thanks to Niclas Månsson for this report.