Brian Davis wins Mid Summer Meltdown

Monday, Aug 17, 2020 at 12:00am UTC

This weekend I made the trip down to On-Track for the Mid Summer Meltdown. My plan was to race 17.5 sedan and 17.5 1:12 scale, but fellow racer Brian Davis wanted to run Mod sedan as well, so I joined him. 1:12 scale was good from the start. I ran just one practice battery and car was dialed. After qualifying, I was sitting on pole in 1:12. Unfortunately, I dropped to second as I chased the leader and I finished second.

17.5 sedan was good on Saturday in practice. Qualifying was rough in round 1--car had a bad push. Rounds 2 and 3 were much better. Round 3 was a tight qualifier. The first three cars were separated by 1.5 seconds. I qualified third. We knew the main would be tight. The lead changed multiple times during the main, with the top three taking turns in the lead. After the dust settled, I finished second behind my AE teammate Brian Davis, who was fast all day.

Mod Sedan is something I've been working on and my RC Rebellion conversion car was in shorty pack mode. This is the second time I've raced Mod Sedan on black carpet and it's a blast. Brian Davis set TQ in this class and I was sitting second. Since this was an exhibition class, we were running it to draw some interest. The start was good but I spun the tires coming on the straight and tucked the body. This let Brian get a 4-second lead on me. He had a mishap with a back marker that allowed me to catch up. I got to his bumper multiple times but couldn't make the pass. Brian held on for the win and I finished second.

All in all it was a very good weekend and some good close racing. As always I would like to thank AE and Reedy for the awesome products. And a special shout-out to Blake Boggs for signing me to the team. Until the next time!


Brian Davis' vehicles used
#30122 TC7.2 Factory Team Kit (in 17.5 and Mod Touring)
#8023 RC10F6 Factory Team (in F1)

Reedy products used
S+Plus and M4 motors
SG3 LP packs (6000 LP in Touring and 4100 LP shorty in F1)

Photos courtesy of Myron "Battman" Kinnard.

Thanks to Myron "Battman" Kinnard for this report.

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