Alessio Menicucci wins Italian Championship R1 with his TC6!

Modified Class:
The AMSCI Italian Championship 1/10 EP Round 1 race took place in Rome Saturday, May 1. Most Italian top drivers participated at this event. As expected, we had a rainy Saturday, so the first two rounds of qualifiers were difficult.

Weather was perfect on Sunday so in the morning everybody was ready to run. Alessio Menicucci was able to win first and second finals, getting the overall victory. In the last final, Alessandro Brunelli was took  advantage of several crashes and won the final.

Modified Class:
1. MENICUCCI Alessio  - Associated TC6 (Team Associated - LRP)
2. BRUNELLI Alessandro - Associated TC6
3. SALA Federico - Corally Phi (Team Corally - LRP)
4. MARTINI Francesco - Xray T3 2011 (Team Xray - LRP)
5. EFFICACE Andrea - Associated TC6
6. CANTONI Claudio - Top Photon
7. GIORGIO Alberto - Xray T3 2011

10.5 Class:
1. MACCHIONI Diego - Xray T3 2011
2. COLA Valter - Associated Tc6
3. MANCINI Alessio - Associated Tc6

13.5 Class:
1. BERLINCIONI Matteo - Associated Tc6
2. NATALE Rocco - Associated Tc6
3. ROSSETTI Luigi - Xray T3 2011

Special thanks to Alessio Menicucci for this report.