Reedy LiPo Wins 2011 Bike World Championships

The 2011 RC Bike World Championship took place at the mother of all circuits, Lostallo. Located in the Tessin region of Switzerland, Lostallo is one of the biggest and considered by many to be the most beautiful track in the world.

With four days of open practice completed, the official start of the event began on Thursday with the parade of the national teams. Over hundred pilots from twenty countries took part, including two pilots all the way from Australia. Showing their dedication, two pilots rode their motorcycles over 1600 kilometers (994.24 miles) from Greece!

Reedy factory pilots Edi Winter and Aaron Kranewitter were the fastest in practice in the Superbike class while teammates Marc Lutz, Andrea Selva, and Thomas Feilner were on pace in the Stockbike category. All pilots chose Reedy's #628 5500mAh 60C LiPo batteries. Arriving just in time, a Reedy Sonic 17.5 Stock motor was installed in Thomas Feilner's TT bike.

Three rounds of qualifying were scheduled for Friday and Saturday. These rounds would seed the pilots for the mains and finals on Sunday.

Stockbike Finals
Marc Lutz was in a class by himself with wins in both of his semi-final legs. Both Thomas Feilner and Andrea Selva finished well in their semi-finals and would start in the World Championship final. The World Championship final is raced over three legs with the cumulative laps and time from a driver's best two finishes determining the winner.

Unfortunately for Marc, he was able to win legs one and two in convincing fashion, but when the two times were added together he fell a bit short to the winner of the third leg, who had set a very fast time. Even though the result was disappointing, the second step of the podium is a result to be very proud of. Teammates Andrea Selva and Thomas Feilner finished the final in 5th and 7th places respectively.

Superbike Finals
Like Marc, Edi Winter won both of his semi-final races to place him in good position for the Championship final. There is no better advantage in racing that starting on the pole position. Edi knew he would have to take advantage of his starting position by not only winning, but setting a fast time.

The first final was all about the Reedy/TT pilots. Edi and Aaron Kranewitter put on a dominating display and finished 1-2. But Edi experienced some problems during the second final which relegated him to third place. Aaron was able to take advantage of Edi's misfortune and grab the important victory. While others still had an outside chance to come out on top, leg three was shaping up to be a battle between Edi and Aaron for the win.

Unfortunately for the competition, Edi laid the smack down in the third final and crossed the finish line more than ten seconds clear of second place. His times were fast enough in his best two legs to be crowned World Champion!  Aaron had some bad luck in the third final but his leg one and two results were good enough to secure second position overall and the coveted champagne celebration.

Congratulations to all the pilots that competed at this prestigious event and to the new World Champions! Now the pilots can set their sights on the 2012 RC Bike World Championships in Riccione, Italy and the 2013 RC Bike World Championships in Graz, Austria.

Products mentioned:
ASC628 Reedy 60C 5500mAh 7.4V LiPo
ASC941 Reedy Sonic 17.5 Stock Motor