1/10 Electric Off Road Series in Barcelona, Spain

Because the first championships was so well received in 2011, the tracks of Sant Cugat, AMSA, and Montjuïc, all in Barcelona, Spain, hosted the second 1/10 Electric Off road series.

Sant Cugat  
Carlos Rocamora created the track, taking advantage the available space in the rear of the building. 45 racers had signed up. Heavy rains threatened the race, but the spectators remained to enjoy the show.

In qualifying, it was clear that Carlos Pineda, David Escudero, and Juanma Lerma were the ones to beat. Eventually, Pineda beat out Escudero to take first, Escudero came in second, with Lerma in third.

This track was not as easy as at Sant Cugat. The racers were challenged by the uneven, pot-holed field and faced problems with grip. The knowledge of the track was key to victory. Because they were familiar with the track, Escudero and Lerma had an advantage over Pineda.

43 racers were registered. Qualifying saw a repeat of Pineda, Escudero and Lerma and their B4.1s dominating the field, followed by home regulars Coy, Barja, and others who participated in 1/8 off road gas, like Josep Galisteo.

Carlos Pineda dominated the finals again, winning the first two rounds and staying out the third. The winners of the first race took the same 1-2-3 positions here!

As opposed to the other two tracks, Montjuïc is a 1/8-scale track. A great day and a great track made for great racing. Carlos Pineda, unfamiliar with the track, had to work hard on his setup.  

This time, Juanma Lerma won the first and second qualifying rounds. Carlos Pineda came in second, and David Escudero, who had less knowledge of the track than the other two, came in third.

The spectators saw some great, tightly contested racing action in this series. Escudero won the first round, followed by Juanma Lerma, and third Pineda, who had problems with the motor.

Juanma Lerma won the second round, followed by Pineda, Coy, Jacinto Lerma and Barja. Because of mechanical problems, Escudero could not finish.

Though Pineda had been assured the championships, all was not so clear-cut for the rest of the field. At the start of the round, Pineda leaped to first on the second lap, a position he kept to the end. Escudero struggled with Lerma for second place, and got it. Lerma came in third. Fourth was Jacinto Lerma and fifth Joan Vilar.