Kraig Krueger Wins Minnesota State Championships with his B4.1!

Electric off-road has regained its popularity and is definitely back in the upper Midwest. On July 6-8, the fastest drivers in Minnesota gathered in Starbuck to compete for an off-road state championship.

The largest class in the event was 2WD Modified. Qualifying positions jumped around through the four rounds of rocket round qualifying, but in the end it was the consistent driving of Neil Feneis that put his B4.1 in the pole position. The second and third positions were locked down by his Team Associated teammates Kraig Krueger and Marshal Skare.

With qualifying out of the way, it was time to begin the triple A-Main format. In A Main number one an early wreck by Feneis allowed Kraig Krueger and Marshal Skare to battle for the lead. The top two created a gap from the field as they maneuvered their way through the deteriorating racing surface. A couple of mistakes by Skare allowed Krueger to extend his lead and claim the win in A Main number one.

The track was getting more difficult as the races went on.  It was the eighth qualifier Dan Hamann taking the win in the second round, followed by fifth qualifier Chad Lundahl, with Kraig Krueger in third.

It all came down to the third A Main. As the tone sounded to start the race, Neil Feneis and Kraig Krueger started the final battle for the state championship. The two quickly created a gap from the field and swapped positions multiple times in the 6-minute event.  Kraig Krueger took the victory in the final main, which gave him the State Championship, with his teammate Neil Feneis claiming the second spot.

Special thanks to Kraig Krueger for this report and pictures.