Hara TQ and 2nd at ISTC World Championship

After six rounds of qualifying, Reedy factory driver Atsushi Hara claimed the pole position for the A-final. A combination a tire strategy and speed allowed the popular driver to best a field of over 140 of the best drivers in the World. Starting from the pole, Atsushi led A1 until the last meter when he was passed with a last second lunge by the second place driver. Hara went on to win A3 but lost out on the tie-breaker and had to settle for second position overall - a position that he should be be very proud of. The high-speed MACH Heemstede required high speeds which Hara's Reedy Sonice 540 4.5 and Reedy 6500mAh LiPo batteries supplied with ease. In two years the World Championships will return to the USA and we expect Atsushi Hara to once again be competing for the win. Congratulations!