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  • ESC: Dual ADPC max Software: Independent adjustment of "Feel" and "Boost" for maximum flexibility. ESC: USB Software Updateability: Benefit from all the latest performance improvements and updates available at! ESC: Twin BEC: Constant 6V/3A output with 3.0V to 7.4V batteries. No receiver battery with 1S LiPo needed. ESC: Revolutionary Internal Temp Check System 3: Allows you to read out the maximum internal temperature for the speed control and motor. ESC: AutoCell System 2 (3.0V to 7.4V input voltage): Fully adjustable cutoff system for all types of cells. ESC: C3 Technology: Revolutionary Copper Core Cooling technology for lowest running temperature. Motor: Lightweight design Motor: Optimized air flow Motor: Dual precision ball bearings Motor: High-strength balanced sintered rotor Motor: Adjustable timing Motor: Completely rebuildable Motor: Competition proven Motor: 200mm sensor wire Motor: Sensored or sensorless operation Motor: Built to ROAR/EFRA/IFMAR specs

Reedy Sonic brushless motor and LRP SXX Competition v2 combos

Reedy Sonic brushless motor and LRP SXX Competition v2 combos are perfect for 2WD Onroad and Offroad applications or in vehicles where speed control size is an issue.

Perfect for 1:12 Onroad and 2WD Offroad racing, the high-tech features and matched components make the new generation SXX Competition one of the highest-performing speed controls on the market today.

The individual and precise settings of "Feel" and "Boost" offer maximum flexibility and the highest power in every race situation. The revolutionary new Twin BEC is independent from the battery input voltage and provides a constant 6V/3A output with 3-7.4V batteries.

To keep your speed control up to date, USB software updates will be available on

After a three-year absence, the Reedy name is making a return to the competition 1:10 electric motor scene. Reedy's Sonic line of brushed motors were a favorite of racers worldwide and powered numerous National and World Champions in the late '80s and early '90s. It is only fitting that the famous Sonic name be revived for the first complete line of competition brushless motors from the world-renowned Reedy brand.

Designed strictly for competition and already proven at the highest level, the Reedy Sonic brushless motors feature a lightweight case design with extra-large, strategically placed vent holes to reduce operating temperatures. Lower temperatures result in less fade over the course of a race, longer run times, and increased motor life.

A precision balanced high-strength sintered rotor is supported by dual ball bearings for maximum RPM and reliability. Adjustable timing and a variety of optional rotors allows for fine tuning for particular applications and tracks.

Several models for both stock and modified racing are available and all meet ROAR, EFRA, and IFMAR specifications. Models for SC 4x4 trucks and 1:8 electric buggies/truggies are in the works and will be released soon.

ESC: Voltage Input:3.7 - 7.4V ESC: Typical Voltage Drop @20A

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