RC10B44.2 Factory Team

RC10B44.2 Factory Team

3-Time I.F.M.A.R. World Champion and 4-Time R.O.A.R. National Champion!

The RC10B44 is a proven winning platform with two I.F.M.A.R. World Championships and four R.O.A.R. National titles under its belt! The B44.2 Factory Team kit takes the next step in drawing out every opportunity to maximize the 4WD buggy's potential.

The big news on the B44.2 is the new Factory Team 12mm 'Big Bore' hard-anodized shocks. The shocks feature threaded collars, machined aluminum shock caps with bleed screws, and are completed with TiN "Gold" 3mm shock shafts. The end result is a 12mm shock that delivers a plush and compliant ride that keeps the B44.2's tires planted on the ground.

The B44.2 also received an updated 2.5mm carbon-fiber chassis that is 8mm longer and 3mm narrower than the previous model. This not only improves stability and overall handling of the B44.2 but also accommodates the new LiPo quick-change battery mounting system, and VTS multiplate slipper assembly.

The engineers in Area 51 have once again evolved the B44 to keep it a winner, while everyone else is just trying to keep up. If you're ready to step up your 4WD program, the B44.2 is ready for you!

Magazine Reviews
In the battle to produce ever-improving buggies that not only handle better, but are also more durable and easier to use, Team Associated is the old master. The A Team's racing heritage dates back to the beginnings of RC racing in every class with a history of refining, updating, and pushing their vehicles to the limits. With what seems like small changes here and tiny tweaks there, the B44.2 FT improves upon an already great platform in a big way. It's not only easier to drive faster than the previous versions, but it's also easier to work on. The original B44 was a world champion, the B44.1 was a world champion, and we'll find out in September if the B44.2 will complete the hat trick. --Radio Control Car Action, April 2013

As I type this review, I've been taking note of how well the Team Associated drivers are doing at the prestigious Reedy Race of Champions and then I remember all the club racers I watched driving the new B44.2 Factory Team at the track while I was testing. It's amazing that Team Associated was able to build a buggy that could suit the needs of so many racers with different skill sets. The new B44.2 FT is a true contender out of the box with no modifications needed to put it into the A Main. If you've been looking to get into the competitive world of 4WD racing, the B44.2 FT will have no problems getting you into the class, getting you hooked, and getting you onto the podium. --Off Road Electrics (special issue by the producers of RC Driver), Volume 1, 2013

Steven Hartson won Team Associated's 27th I.F.M.A.R. World Championship with the RC10B44.2 in 2013.


  • Factory Team 12mm 'Big Bore' hard anodized aluminum threaded shocks with TiN "Gold" 3mm shock shafts
  • Updated 2.5mm carbon-fiber chassis +8mm optimized for LiPo saddle packs
  • VTS slipper (variable torque, multi-plate slipper with 3 drive surfaces) assembly featuring a high-rate spring
  • Composite battery trays allow for battery position adjustment with integrated spacers and quick-change battery straps
  • Updated 3.5mm front shock tower and 3.0mm rear shock tower designed specifically for the new 12mm shocks
  • Factory Team 12mm aluminum rear clamping hexes and rear hex wheels
  • Updated front top deck for increased rigidity featuring locking antenna mount
  • Factory Team 7075-T6 blue aluminum 0 deg. rear hubs with oversized outer bearing
  • Updated front suspension arm for increased durability
  • Blue aluminum cam-type motor mount for easier and more secure gear mesh adjustments
  • JConcepts Finnisher +8mm body (clear) and Factory Team protective chassis tape included