GT2 Factory Team

GT2 Factory Team

Team Associated first introduced the RC10GT gas truck in 1993 and it has won every ROAR National Gas Truck Championship since the creation of the class. That’s why they say "you still can’t beat a GT!" The overwhelming success and popularity of the original GT makes for a very hard act to follow. Even the original GT’s unprecedented performance and win record can’t stop the progression of time.

The Area 51 designers have done it again by bringing you the all-new Factory Team GT2. The GT2 is the result of everything that the engineers and drivers at Team Associated have learned over the last thirteen years since racing the original GT. The new Factory Team GT2 comes with many new design features, making for a higher level of performance, better durability, and all in all, a package that is easier to maintain.

We included many exciting new features on the Factory Team GT2, one of them being Team Associated’s new Posi-Lock quick-change rear wheel system. The Posi-Lock quick-change has a five-lug self-aligning design that allows for the fastest possible pit stops without having to worry about lining up the wheel onto a hex or drive pin. The Posi-Lock quick-change system is lightweight for reduced unsprung weight and rotating mass for faster acceleration and a more responsive suspension.

The Factory Team GT2 offers more punch and durability due to the all-new 4.09:1 ratio transmission. Power enters the gearbox through a more efficient dual-disc slipper clutch that lays the power down and helps save the drive-train during hard landings. The GT2’s new 2-shoe clutch is adjustable with optional springs that will transfer the power down to the ground in all track conditions. The GT2’s large diameter clutch fits SG type crankshafts and includes larger, more reliable heavy-duty ball bearings. A free-floating disc brake on the top shaft insures smooth, fade-free brakes during long A-mains. The drag brake is conveniently adjusted by turning the included thumb wheel.

The GT2 chassis is composed of a hard-anodized 6061 aluminum chassis plate with a molded front kick-up and a modular radio tray. The "dual-deck" layout provides the optimum front-to-rear chassis stiffness, allowing the race-proven suspension to keep the GT2 hooked up. The GT2’s radio tray features a sealed receiver box to protect electronics from fuel splashes and is easily removed for quick clean up. The newly designed fuel tank has a large lever for easy access and the quickest fuel stops. Floating fuel tank mounts reduce vibration and minimize the shock from hard landings. The GT2 also sports a sealed battery box, which keeps the receiver battery safe and secure.

All new suspension geometry makes the GT2 the best-handling gas truck ever. The new suspension components are optimized for maximum durability and long-lasting performance. The front and rear suspension mounts interlock to the chassis to keep the suspension geometry consistent and durable. Rebuildable CVA drive shafts, full ball bearings, molded front and rear shock towers, and a ball bearing dual bell-crank steering system with adjustable servo saver complete the package.

Magazine Reviews
After only a brief time behind the wheel, I was very impressed with the GT2's jumping ability. The GT2 jumps level almost every time, without tending to go nose up where you can't save it. No matter how poorly I launched the truck, The GT2 simply soaks up landings like it's ten feet wide. This is the truck's biggest improvement over the original, in my opinion. Only time will tell whether the new GT2 fully lives up to the original GT's bomb-proof reputation, but early indications say yes.
--RC Car, September 2006
Kurt Wenger, designer: We wanted to add features that the other truck doesn't have. When the GT was designed, we really didn't have technology like advanced CAD software. There is a lot of technology in how the parts interlock and work together, and that makes the GT2 better. We also wanted to make the truck stronger to last during an A-main. We wanted the out-of-the-box GT2 to be better than Jared Tebo's modified GT, and it is.
--Radio Control Car Action, September 2006
Associated put it all on the line in redesigning a product that has been so dominant. I was surprised when they timed the release to be at the Nationals, but that added pressure made the win even sweeter. It added number 15 to the win list and did it in style. It also helped me to finish in the top five in the A-Main, something that I wasn't really expecting considering that I haven't run the class in a long time. If there's a truck that's ready to put the pride back into gas truck racing, the GT2 is ready for the challenge. It handles just as well as the GT, it lasted the entire race day without breaking, and it has the GT lineage built in.--Xtreme RC Cars, December 2006


  • 4:09:1 ratio gear box
  • Hi-Torque 2-Shoe clutch
  • Posi-Lock Quick-Change System
  • Hard anodized 6061 aluminum chassis with molded kickup
  • Blue aluminum front bulkhead
  • Blue aluminum hinge pin brace
  • Blue tuned muffler and manifold
  • Rear suspension mounts are keyed to the chassis for maximum strength and consistent settings
  • Easy-to-remove radio tray
  • Sealed receiver box with embossed “AE” logo
  • New easy-to-open 82cc fuel tank for fast pit stops
  • New a-arm design and material for maximum durability
  • New heavy-duty steering blocks
  • Molded front and rear shock towers
  • Dual bellcrank steering with adjustable servo saver
  • Vertical ball stud adjustment on both front and rear upper link
  • New rod ends with aluminum pivot balls