GT2 Ready-to-Run

GT2 Ready-to-Run

Team Associated first introduced the RC10GT gas truck in 1993 and it has won every ROAR National Gas Truck Championship since the creation of the class. That's why they say "you still can't beat a GT!" The overwhelming success and popularity of the original GT makes for a very hard act to follow. Even the original GT's unprecedented performance and win record can't stop the progression of time.

Includes the XP2 radio with these outstanding features:
  • Quick access to frequency crystal (crystal and antenna are included)
  • On/Off switch
  • Adjustable trigger for large or small hands
  • Steering wheel angled 10°
  • Servo reversing switch
  • External charging jack: allows for recharging the transmitter. AA batteries only (batteries not included)
  • Steering dual-rate
  • Throttle trim
  • Steering trim
  • Throttle ATV low
  • Throttle ATV high
  • Battery level indicator

Magazine Review
Here is an RTR truck that is more than just an RTR; it is an RTR for the discerning enthusiast. The RS stands for Race Spec and just one drive of the GT2 reminds you of its race inspired design brief and heritage. The GT2's handling is confidence inspiring. In the hands of an inexperienced novice, it will provide a trust worthy introduction to the world of off-road RC cars. In more experienced hands, the GT2 reminds us just how pure a 2WD race inspired chassis really is. This GT2 forgives the novice but rewards the expert. Its handling is safe without being dull. The chassis is edgy in the way that only the best competition cars can be and is testament to the heritage that the GT2 draws upon. --Radio Control Car Racer, April 2007


  • New transmission with amazingly low center of gravity. New 4.09:1 ratio produces the ultimate in torque with proven ability to transmit all the power to the ground -- which makes for ground-shaking speeds not usually seen in RTRs.
  • Dual disc slipper clutch.
  • Modular radio tray that easily removes for cleaning and maintenance, and protects the receiver against fuel spills during pit stops.
  • New design fuel tank with large lever for an easy-open lid for the quickest fuel stops. Oversized for maximum run times.
  • Special tuned pipe and header, which produces a perfect balance of maximum power and efficiency.
  • Blue anodized aluminum shock bodies.
  • All new suspension geometry.
  • All new sealed battery box keeps the receiver batteries safe.
  • Blue anodized aircraft aluminum chassis. Radical new chassis design adds tremendous rigidity for the ultimate in consistency and handling that no other truck can claim.
  • Radical pre-printed body shell that any pro painter would be proud to produce.
  • Our proven #2915 AE .15X engine will shock customers with its power and speed, like no other manufacturer\\\'s pull start engine sold in any RTR. Our Engine Replacement Policy is a win-win deal for customers and hobby shops.
  • High traction tires front and rear with molded inserts for consistent handling and long life in all track conditions.
  • The completely new design of the GT2 RS RTR makes it easy to work on and maintain -- which is good for everyone from the Hobby Shop to the owner.
  • Shielded bearings throughout the truck.