RC10B2 Team Kit

From the 1995 instruction manual:

Your RC10B2 is a true second generation RC10 buggy. The original RC10 came out in 1984 and is the car that has won four of our five 1/10 off road IFMAR World Championship titles. The original RC10 won the first ever 1/10 IFMAR off road Worlds in 1985 held in Del Mar, California. This was followed by three consecutive World titles wins, Syndney, Australia in 1989; Detroit, Michigan in 1991; and Basildon, England in 1993. It also has a total of 15 National title wins since 1984.

The introduction of our new transmission and hard anodized PTFE coated shocks in 1990 for the 1991 Worlds had given us a consistent competitive edge to win all the off road Worlds from 1991 through 1995. The RC10 during its eleven years was updated through various models and has compiled the most successful win record in our hobby. As good as this record is we are aware that our competition was catching up on technology. We have always felt that we have a competitive advantage and it was decided that we needed to develop a truly new design to maintain that advantage. The results of our extensive research and development is your new RC10B2

The B2 starts with a new molded composite chassis designed to equal or exceed the strength and rigidity of aluminum but with reduced weight. It has increased front and rear suspension travel and a new longer front shock. This was done to improve rough track performance and handling. This new suspension geometry gives you more on power steering. The bolt on aluminum nose plate and tail section still give you the dampening ability of aluminum, at the suspension mounting points.

The B2 transmission is a new design that incorporates a larger 2.4:1 differential. This new larger differential will increase the torque handling capacity of the diff and increase time between rebuilds. There is also a new light weight molded composite rear shock strut for improved strength and rigidity. We have developed a new universal axle design (like our T2 rear axle) using a smaller 3/16" diameter axle shaft. This reduces the weight and rotating mass of the drive train and allows us to use a new larger ball bearing in the hub carriers to improve bearing life. The new rear suspension arms allow you to change the wheel base length for different steering and traction characteristics without having to change the rear suspension mounts. Everything is designed to give you a low center of gravity with maximum suspension travel and chassis side clearance.

To finish off the kit you still receive our race proven hard anodized PTFE coated shocks and PTFE shock pistons, one-piece fluorescent yellow wheels and Proline XTR compound competition tires (with foam inserts for the rear). Associated Torque Control transmission clutch and a new low profile body designed just for the B2.

At its first major event, the RC10B2 top qualified and won the 1996 IFMAR 1/10 off road World Championships at Yatabe Arena in Tsukuba City, Japan. This gave us our fifth off road Worlds title. It took five out of ten places in the A-main and finished 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 7th. Now it's your turn to see what eleven years of off road racing history can do for your own racing!