RC10B3 Team Kit

From the SEP 1997 catalog:
The new B3 adds to its arsenal a new Quadra-symmetric suspension for exceptionally well-balanced, stable chassis for even better handling on rough tracks. The Stealth tranny's completely redesigned, larger-diameter slipper clutch handles higher torque demands more efficiently.

Smoother, more stable, and predictably responsive, the RC10B3 makes sinning a lot easier. The new Quadra-symmetric (equal-length front and rear) suspension concept provides an exceptionally well-balanced, stable chassis with excellent rough-track handling. The RC10B3 Team version includes full ball bearings and all the high-end component that enable you to race at the toughest levels of competition. New suspension technology has been incorporated into the B3, with extra-long suspension arms for greater stability.

The front end's steering geometry has been optimized with redesigned steering blocks for improved Ackermann, improved block carriers wit h30 degrees caster, and stronger ball end cups developed for the RC10T3 truck.

The B3's drivetrain features the race-proven 2.40:1 Associated Stealth transmission coupled with MIP™ CVD™ axles for efficient transfer of power. Hard-anodized, PTFE-coated shocks are used all around for smoother, consistent suspension dampening. Also in the Team Kit, we include the larger, 2.2-inch, lightweight, one-piece dish wheels and Pro-Line™ tires. The entire package is topped off with a sleek new body designed to keep out dirt, and includes a decal sheet featuring flashy new "B3" graphics. If you're serious about racing, the B3 Team Kit is your best choice.