RC10B4 RS Ready-to-Run

RC10B4 RS Ready-to-Run

Team Associated's B4 is the latest generation of the 5-time IFMAR World Championship-winning heritage of RC10 buggies.

As far back as 1989, there were grainy spy photos and a few sporadic sightings of a radical new buggy under development by Team Associated. Then at the 1991 IFMAR World Offroad Championships in Detroit, the Team unveiled their hand-built prototype cars, noted for their distinctive front suspensions and unusual shock mounting locations. Masami Hirosaka piloted the RC10 buggy to the World Championship win, and the prototypes were whisked back to Team Associated's California R&D department (Area 51) where they would not emerge for over a decade.

Now, Team Associated brings years of development and new technologies together by introducing the RC10B4 buggy . . . the most adjustable, tunable RC10 buggy ever produced.

The RC10 B4 buggy has already made history, winning the Cactus Classic race in its first major competition, and being voted R/C Car Action's 2003 "Car of the Year." Now, Team Associated brings a higher level of electric offroad performance to the Ready-to-Run market with the B4RS "Race-Spec" Ready-to-Run.

The B4RS RTR includes a double-sided slipper clutch, 2.6:1 high-torque capacity differential, and a full set of 14 shielded ball bearings. Associated's standard blue-anodized aluminum shocks and rugged steel dogbone rear axles are the main differentiating components.

In addition, the B4RS RTR comes equipped with the Team Associated XP2 radio system, the latest LRP "Ai" Automatic-setup digital speed control with reverse, the Reedy Radon 17-turn motor, and a new pre-painted body design in your choice of red or blue paint schemes. Of course, the B4 RTR also features the forward-swept front end and rear-mounted shock configuration of the original cars, optimized with a co-planar steering geometry. This suspension design provides maximum front-end clearance and minimizes bump-steer while maintaining desired buggy Ackermann angles. Trailing front axle or optional inline steering blocks can be used to adjust steering response.

The B4 chassis provides a super-low center of gravity by lowering the motor, battery, wing, and even the shock mounting positions, enabling much higher cornering speeds and stability during jumping and through bumpy sections of the track. The adjustable-angle rear wing mounts and even the transmission case are integrated into the chassis/suspension structure. The symmetrical suspension arm design has all four arms the same length, and has "captured" hinge pins so that no E-clips are used.

The B4RS RTR comes equipped with high-traction racing compound tires with foam inserts, pre-mounted and glued to white dish-style wheels.

Team Associated's B4 is the latest generation of the 5-time IFMAR World Championship winning heritage of RC10 buggies. And the B4RS RTR brings that winning heritage to the RTR market.


  • Reedy Radon 17-turn motor, already installed
  • 2.6:1 reduction transmission. The B4RS RTR uses the same higher torque capacity differential as in the RC10GT. Entire transmission assembly has been optimized into an ultra-compact package and is an integral part of the chassis/suspension structure.
  • Double-sided slipper clutch assembly. Higher torque capacity double-sided slipper assembly. This provides a finer adjustment range and more efficient slipper operation.
  • Longer axles. Longer dog bones and axles have been designed into the rear suspension to push the B4 RTR out to maximum legal width.
  • Super-low center of gravity. The motor, battery, body, wing, and even shocks have much lower mounting positions. This gives the B4RS RTR buggy a much lower CG than the B3 for higher cornering speeds and more stability for jumping and the bumpy sections.
  • Impact-absorbing wing mounts. The rear wing has two impact-absorbing mounts that also support the rear suspension assembly. The wing angle is adjustable.
  • The front wheel uses wide-body tires. They are also stiffer. The rear wheel is interchangeable with other manufacturers\\\' buggies, allowing spec tires to be mounted.
  • Optimized front suspension/steering assembly. We designed the \\
  • Inline or trailing front axles. You can use either inline or trailing front axle steering blocks while maintaining correct axle and Ackermann positions.
  • Symmetrical suspension arm design with captured hinge pins. All four suspension arms are the same length. All of the suspension hinge pins are captured so that no E-clips are needed.
  • Most adjustable RC10 ever. You have easy access to all suspension settings. The upper suspension arms have vertical ballstuds front and rear so that you can make fine roll center and camber rise changes.