RC10L2 Road

From the manual:
Using performance improvements we developed for the 1996 On Road World Championships, we moved the battery mounting position and added a brace to the T-bar pivots s that the T-bar will flex under heavy load conditions. The new T-bar and T-bar spacer design improve the car's rear traction and rough track performance. Yet it still maintains the same side to side stiffness we wanted.

We have relocated the dampener post location of the rear pod for consistency and performance. The new rear pod changes have lowered the motor's center of gravity, fine-tuned the rear axle alignment, and made it easier to access the motor and solder it in.

The roll stop inserts allow the car to respond to direction changes even quicker. We have also widened the battery slots of the RC10L2O on the left side of the chassis. This allows you to move the battery closer to or farther away from the center line of the chassis for different track an setup options.